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The Cyrus Anointing
By unknown

God is a merciful Being. He calls and anoints His people to fulfill His plans and purposes for the world. God's people are to be kings and priests before Him, serving Him and ruling with Him as He brings all things under Christ (Revelation 1:5, 1 Peter 2:9; Psalm 110: 1-3).

The Jews of the Old Testament were captured by the Babylonians. God told Jeremiah that they would be in bondage for 70 years. When the seventy years were about fulfilled, God anointed the king of Persia, Cyrus, and commissioned him to free His people so they could return to Jerusalem.

God is, I believe, anointing people and commissioning them to serve Him as He brings His people out of their bondage to the "spiritual Babylon," which is ruled by the mother of all harlotry (Revelation 17:5). God is calling His people to come out of Babylon (Revelation 17:4). The ways of Babylon are characterized by living wantonly, without moral restraint, and by living sensuously, pleasing ourselves and trusting in our own wisdom and strength (Revelation 18:7).

In Christ, we have been brought up into the heavenly Mount Zion, the New Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22-29). In Christ we have access to the throne of God, where we can come for grace to bring about the reign of Christ in all the spheres of influence He has given to us (2 Corinthians 10:13-15). In Christ we are to declare the destruction of the ways of Babylon, so that the ways of God's kingdom can be established on the earth as they are in heaven (Revelation 18:5-6; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; Matthew 6:10).

God is, I believe, anointing people with the anointing of Cyrus to participate in these tasks. The Cyrus anointing includes the following:

  • The anointing is given so those who are called can do all His pleasure (Isaiah 44:28). Great grace is required and great grace is given under this anointing, but the purpose is for ALL of God's pleasure to be accomplished. This is the heart of His anointed ones--to live solely for the pleasure and glory of God.

  • Those under this anointing are to declare that Jerusalem shall be built and that the foundations of the temple will be laid (Isaiah 44:28). God's people are to experience the reality of living in the New Jerusalem. We have been brought here, in Christ. The ways of the New Jerusalem are to be brought into us, and then we are to bring about the ways of the New Jerusalem into our spheres on the earth. We are God's temple. Jesus has come into us to cleanse His temple, to fill us with His Spirit, and to unite us with Himself, so that the world will know that God has sent Him. These foundational truths and behaviors are to be in us and to come forth from us. The nature of God in us will accomplish these things (2 Peter 1:3-4).

  • God will lead His anointed ones into places of darkness that are ruled by ungodly kings, so that His people who are being held captive in these places can be freed. God will prepare the way for those under this anointing to walk, and He will give them victory so they can bring His people out of bondage (Isaiah 44:1-2).

  • God will reveal the strongholds of evil that have held people and nations in bondage so that His anointed ones can prophetically declare His Word and see the strongholds destroyed. He will reveal His plans and purposes for peoples, lands and nations to His anointed ones so they can declare them and watch as they come about (Isaiah 44:3).

  • God will share His eternal plans and purposes with His anointed ones so they can pray and seek Him to fulfill the desires of His heart (Isaiah 44:11).

  • God will give great grace to His anointed ones so they can walk in all of His ways, continually receiving and walking in the flow of His righteousness from His Holy Spirit. Every day they will see His kingdom advancing. They will learn more from the Heavenly Kingdom, and will bring it onto the earth. His anointed ones are to be walking in faith with Him, not looking to people for provision (Isaiah 45:13; Is 9:7).

  • God will provide for His anointed ones by having men of wealth need their revelation and their anointed services. These men of wealth will recognize the great presence of God upon His anointed ones (Isaiah 45:14).

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