Prophetic Word 8.8.08


by Pastor Sarah Morgan


#4 is made up of (3+1= 4) denotes that which follows the revelation of God in the Trinity- namely His creative works:

He is known by the things that are seen

4 is the number of creation

4 is the number of material completeness

Hence it is the World number - especially the city number.

The 4th day saw the material creation finished (5th and 6th days were furnishing and peopling of the earth with living creatures)

4 are the seasons of the year spring, summer, autumn and winter

4 marks a kind of completeness - called material completeness

4+4=8 - New season of material completeness - get ready for furnishings.



Triple New Beginnings


The consecration of Aaron (priesthood) and his sons was on the eighth day (Leviticus 8:35, 9:1)
  • Season of the body coming into higher levels of consecration. The fear of the Lord  is returning to the church in this season, heightened levels of holiness , great grace is being released in this season that will sustain ,undergird, and preserve this realm.

David was the eighth son of Jesse

Anointing for Kingship, ruler ship, establishment 8-8-08 - Season of establishing lineage and legacy New order of Government. Davidic mantles of the psalmist, warrior, councilor and shepherd are being activated in this season.

The advent of the Davidic era; announces the end of the Saul (old) order. Governmental, Judicial, Educational, Politically and Ecclesiastically; End of Saul (old) order announces divine Replacements.

8-8-08 - Season of Resurrection and Re-gene-ration beginning of new era and order - Noahic - generation - Noah was the Eighth person (2 Peter 2:5)                                 Eight souls (1Peter 3:20) survived initiating a new generation. Righteousness is being restored in this season. God will preserve the righteous.

Circumcision was on the eighth day- Gen17:12 in this season all flesh will be cut away and will not glory. The Word in next season will be administered with a sharpness that will circumcise and cut away all flesh, Truth will taught with love and will set people free.

8-8-08 season of change - change in the systems . Winds of Change are blowing, Change for the better , financial climate is about to change and regulated, Gods people are going to get back on Track , bills will be paid on time . 


Josiah was made King at the age of 8- This is a season of Youth explosion  - Youth awakening - Holy Ghost outpouring

Our sons and daughters shall prophesy our young men shall dream- dream- innovative - inventive, creative.


This is the season when God is turning the irrelevant in relevance.  The insignificant into significance. The no-bodies into some-bodies.

This is the season of the under - dogs the unrecognized.     God is raising up Kings and bringing down kings in this season. Dan 2

In this season there's going to be a sudden Turn around - the tides will turn around suddenly, the winds will turn around suddenly, spiritually and financially.

Pslm 126 When the Lord Turns again your captivity it will be like a dream: in this season the Lord will fill your mouths with laughter and your tongues with singing: You will say the Lord has done great things for us whereof we are glad.

Those that have sown in years get ready to reap the harvest of Joy. A TURN AROUND IS COMING. 


Three Major Manifestations in this season of 8-8-08

1.    God will vindicate the faithful

2.    God will compensate the faithful

3.    God will clear the faithful



To make amends for loss, injury or wrong, especially  by a suitable payment / Get ready for back payments.

Make up for a disadvantage and inconveniences.

Recompense, reward, remunerate, indemnify

Counter balance, cancel, neutralize counteract offset, make good, refund, reimburse, RESTORE



To prove or declare to be innocent

To pass inspection/ divine approvals ,loans ,grants, colleges , immigration God says Approved in this triple new beginning season.

To approve someone for a special assignment-access to secret information



To prove to be blameless or beyond criticism

Show to be worthwhile or justified                         
Clear you,  Divine Acquittals, family, sons and daughters.

WEALTH TRANSFER: The wealth of the wicked  from Abimelech to Abraham in Compensation, Vindication and Clearance

Money - houses, lands, properties, buildings - edifices, vehicles- God is going to GIVE them to you.Get Ready To Receive Keys; Car Keys, House Keys, Property Keys . Real Estate get ready .


This is the last day for people to degrade you- I give you permission To prosper! Succeed! Be Great!

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